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Capacity Management
Capacity Management considers all the resources required to deliver optimum IT Service Support. It aims to ensure that the capacity of IT Services & IT Infrastructure is able to deliver on your business’s targets & requirements in a cost-effective & timely manner.
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Cloud Services
Whether you need assistance with Microsoft Office 365, need to host a server, or protect your businesses from system failures Ping-IT is positioned to offer your organisation what it needs to stay ahead of any negative occurrences. Ensuring we embrace a cloud-first strategy…
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Device Monitoring
The health & performance of your device directly impact your team’s productivity as these are usually connected to a broader network. Devices may include computers, laptops, servers, routers, printers & scanners that are monitored proactively to optimize sustained usage, availability & performance.
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Health Checks
An IT systems health check identifies the inconsistencies, irregularities, and inefficiencies that are causing an organisation’s network to operate ineffectively. A thorough systems health check helps discover opportunities to increase computing efficiencies and reduce costs.
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IT Consultancy
We understand that businesses need to remain flexible – now more than ever! By partnering with Ping-IT we can ensure you have the right people, providing the right outcomes, whenever you might need them. Our team of specialized, always-on IT gurus have the necessary expertise..
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Managed IT Services
Ping-IT provides innovative Managed IT Solutions designed around your business’s needs. Whether your company decides to fully outsource or collaboratively co-source, we will deliver solutions that optimize your business performance. Delivered by a skilled team we offer services that cater to any size business…
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Performance Management
The performance of your employees directly impacts a company’s profitability & this is why Performance Management systems are so imperative to building a better business. Ping-IT offers Performance Management solutions that allow businesses to monitor staff performance, gather & analyse performance metrics…
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System Administration
Businesses of all shapes, sizes & in a multitude of sectors have computer networks & in order to remain competitive a strong, secure, dynamin computer infrastructure is necessary. This is where we come in, to ensure all hardware & software operate together seamlessly, managing the complexity that computer networks often are.
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Remote Support
Remote Support allows IT technicians the ability to provide maintenance & support from a distance. On-demand support solutions allow Ping-IT to tap into your machine & fix the problem as soon as it arises. This eliminates the need for unnecessary intrusions & ensures a more proficient process when it comes to getting your staff back into the business.
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